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Enterprise Retailers

Larger enterprise retailers will need to maintain a Treasury Services Account at a financial institution supporting Request for Payment transactions and may negotiate rates directly with each bank.

Sionic acts as a data submitter on behalf of the retailer, managing the instant payment messages containing tokenized customer bank account information, purchase amount and other key data points.

We charge a small transaction fee for managing the instant payment messaging and exceptions.

In addition to validating customer bank accounts and submitting instant payment messaging, Sionic offers a comprehensive Pay-by-Bank incentives service integrated with Google for Retail’s Local Inventory Ad engine. Retailers opting to provide SKU-based perks to customers for paying with their bank accounts enjoy top ad placement across Google properties for “Pick up today” items.

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Local Merchants

We maintain a Client Managed Account (CMA) for the sole purpose of receiving and sending digital cash through The RTP® Network¹. Sionic accesses The RTP Network exclusively through one or more authorized financial institutions. Incoming funds are commingled then distributed to each merchant's bank account.

Sionic may not transfer funds from the CMA deposits on its own behalf nor take possession of the funds on behalf of the local merchant. The CMA acts as an automated clearing account for multiple merchants.

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For more information, contact:
Charles Jackson, Client Account Specialist
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We provide nonprofits a Bundled Payments Program, by offering mobile and online low-cost/fast-cash payments featuring Pay-by-Bank, bank-to-bank digital cash transfers and Pay-by-Card credit/debit card payments.

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Financial Institutions

As a Jack Henry VIP Member, we can help bring instant payment commerce to communities across the nation through PayCenter.

Jack Henry financial institution clients supporting Banno digital banking can turn on Pay-by-Bank among individual and business retail customers in a matter of weeks, not months.

Business customers download a free, bank-branded merchant app called CODE Pay to accept digital cash payments at their point of sale.

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For more information, contact:
Abbey Murlick, Director, Strategic Accounts
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