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We offer three mobile tools to make it fast, easy and secure for consumers to Pay-by-Bank:

Mobile SDK - Add our Pay-by-Bank account linking and payment software to your existing mobile app for a seamless user experience.

Banno Digital Banking Card - Ask your Jack Henry account manager about adding our Pay-by-Bank containerized card to your Banno digital banking platform.

ULink Microsite - Easily stub out to our off-the-shelf microsite through customized QR codes or URLs with optional, complementary co-branding.

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We offer three ways to enable Pay-by-Bank checkouts on your website:

  • Standalone Pay-by-Bank Badge (widget) - Enables instant bank-to-bank payments at the point of sale.
  • Pay-by-Bank + Perk widget - Enables bank-to-bank payments, plus a customized Perk, like cashback, free goods & services, and discounts to customers.
  • Bundled Pay-by-Bank and Pay-by-Card widget - Enables bank-to-bank and credit/debit card payments plus card processing.
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Enterprise Retailers - We will work with your Customer Experience team and POS vendor or IT team to embed our ULink endpoints within the checkout experience for a fast, safe and easy way for your customers to Pay-by-Bank and earn Perks.

Local Merchants - With the CODE Pay mobile app, Local Merchants can accept bank-to-bank cash payments at their point of sale. At their discretion, merchants may offer mobile customers special Perks for paying with their bank accounts.

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Sionic's Pay-by-Bank Service and CODE Pay App

Our Pay-by-Bank service enables real-time, bank-to-bank digital cash deposits at the point of sale. The free CODE Pay mobile app gives merchants the ability to accept direct deposits and provides prepay options for dine-in or takeout orders to customers.

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We can make it easier for fuel retailers, EV charging service providers, and restaurants to accept digital payments and orders via in-vehicle interfaces from consumers actively searching using popular tools like Google Assistant, Search, and Maps.

Our “speak-and-see” approach to making purchases within the vehicle helps to ensure adherence to strict anti-distracted driving best practices established by automakers.

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